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How / Do I qualify for a wholesale account ?

How / Do I qualify for a wholesale account ?
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Posted: 11-18-2013 06:03 PM
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Synopsis: We welcome dealer wholesale accounts. Check here to see if you would qualify and how it works.

We welcome dealer wholesale accounts.

We love dealar wholsale accounts, but we are very specific in approving of these accounts.
It is a simple process but require a few steps and qualifications.

To be considered we need to confirm the following:

1) Do you have a retail store or website that sells props or party supplies? If so your on the right track.  Mark this info on your application and we will confirm.

2) Do you have a tax resale certificate that is current.  We will need a copy of this form for our files.

If you pass these first basic questions, fill out the form, and lets see if we can get you approved.  Here is the link for the form [CLICK HERE].

Now, if your a company that wants us to manufacture goods for you to sell, we can do this, and provide bulk pricing.  This is not a wholesale account but a VIP client and sales can help you and your project.

Email your filled out form and tax certificate to:  JRENTOS@DinoRentosStudios.com we will review and advise.

If you have further questions, please call 800-704-7089 x 5 for details.




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