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Have a Red Carpet Event needing something with panache'? Want the cameras to be clicking and the heads to be turning?
Contact us for foam displays and props for your red carpet production. Oversized, colorful and durable, our props can withstand the elements and catch any eye, young or old. Spice up your Red Carpet Event with one of our displays or props. 
Call today to discuss your event and your ideas. The sky's the limit. Order your prop or display to make the next movie premier amazing.!


Custom Architectural Foam Shapes -
Corinthian Caps for BET 2011 awards show

BET Awards Custom Props for Red Carpet Event

Movie Premier for the movie "Shorts"

Dino Rentos Studios created Booger monsters for the "Shorts" movie premiers around the country

Here is Robert Rodriguiz with one of the Boogermonsters we made for the premier in LA

SHORTS booger monster for Robert Rodriguiz Foam Props Sculpture

The Movie Trailer




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